Flora Daily Features Red Lands Roses

IFTEX 2019

Barbara Natembeya and Rita Wanjiku at the Red Lands Roses stand during IFTEX 2019.

Barbara Natembeya and Rita Wanjiku at the IFTEX 2019 were wearing (and handing out) necklesses, something they do at every fair, but this time with red, white and black beads. It symbolizes Red Lands support for the fight against Female Gential Mutilation. "Red stands for the blood that has been shed, white for peace and black for the African skin color”.

Julieta is a coral colored garden spray rose variety bred by French rose breeder George Delbard. Red Lands Roses started to grow this variety 4 years ago and quickly saw an increase in demand. "It fits any occasion, like weddings, Mother's Day and so on." Now, it even belongs to their best-sellers.

And about 2 years ago, they found a mutant in their crop; a cerise colored variety. They took it out, started to trial it and after successful trials, they named it Julieta Cerise. "We were very happy with this new addition and now, it is, just like the mother, always sold out."

Lately, the crop again surprised them with two new mutants; a yellow (Limoncella) and cream (Cream) color. "We are now trialing them and we are have good hopes for good results."

Together, these varieties are part of their large assortment which consists of over 130 varieties. These roses are grown on a total acreage of 28 ha in Ruiru, 35km Northeast of Nairobi, Kenya.