Tree Planting Project

Tree planting 2019 Cover

Red Lands Roses staff during the 2019 tree planting day.

True to our word, Red Lands Roses is committed to giving back life to the environment and to ensuring that its operations are conducted within safe and sustainable environmental practices.
Yearly, Red Lands Roses organizes a tree planting around the farm. All the staff on the farm is involved : everybody is given a tree and a tag with her/his name. This environmentally friendly operation is also part of landscape management concerning our 52 ha. In 2019, we planted around 500 trees.

We have planted indigenous species such as Jack fruit, Water berry, Meru oak, Red stinkwood, Markhamia, as well as exotic ones such as Rose gum, Eucalyptus and Silk Oak.

Next to the greenhouses, the trees create a wind shelter and contribute to reducing the soil erosion. Planting a tree not only reduces the global warming effect; it is also a symbol of life.

The Red Lands Roses team brings outs the real definition of: