The School Fees Project

Masai Woman

The Maasai are renown for their traditional way of life, their red dress and their jewellery.
Modernity however is a national purpose in Kenya and education is one of the main ways for the Maasai to catch up. Free primary school education is available in Kenya, but secondary education is still important for the community.

Registered under Social Services, Namaiyana Maasai Women Group gathers hundreds of women who produce and sell jewellery. The income from this is used benefit is used to pay school fees for their children.

Red Lands Roses supports their effort by combining their art with special events such as Mother's day, Valentine, Easter and interational exhibitions. So far RLR has purchase almost 100,000 of their bracelets which they offer to their clients during these special events. Thanks to this money, more than 24 teenage girls could continue going to school instead of being married off.

Some of our clients have become occasional sponsors of this social project. For instance, the famous fashion company Agnes B Fleurs in Hong Kong has published a fine reporting in Chinese about the Maasai Women Group and made a grant.