Communal Organic Vegetable Garden


Our green and bio vegetable project (“shamba”) was introduced at the end of 2009. It is a roughly 6000 m² piece of land which has been set aside for the growing of different vegetables. It has started from a virgin land where every employee has put his or her effort to prepare and to cultivate the land for crop establishment. It utilizes the compost coming out of the rose production from the compost area.

The company provides the water, irrigation equipments, seeds, seedlings, tools etc. The employees give in their manpower and labour for necessary crop activities. It also involves our trainees from all over the world who may have joined the company at any time of the year. It is a social project which brings together all our people at all levels from the directors to the general workers to work together as an equal team and sharing ideas different from the routine job. The output of the project is distributed to all the employees for improvement and enrichment of their diet