Brightening Up Valentine's Day For The Sick At Kenyatta National Hospital

Tulezi Hands over flowers

The KFC CEO, Clement Tulezi (right) and his team at Kenyatta National Hospital on Valentine's Day

This year, Red Lands Roses sent flowers to the Kenya Flower Council to facilitate their Valentine’s day CSR activity. On the morning of Friday 14th February, Clement Tulezi, the KFC CEO and his team visited the patients and gifted them the flowers. This Valentines visit was a first at Kenya’s largest referral hospital.

The KFC team, with the help of philanthropic farms like Red Lands Roses was successful in delivering the joy of love and the hope of recovery to the patients. In the words of Tulezi, It was such an experience to see patients appreciate the love and care demonstrated by us handing over a bouquet of flowers. Some have been at the hospital for over 6 years. Many have even been forgotten by their kin. And definitely not expecting any gift this Valentine's. You could see in their eyes how they are moved by this simple gesture."

Red Lands Roses remains committed to it’s mission to create a world where everyone has a flower at heart.