Gitothua Day Care Centre hosts around 70 babies all year round. It provides care taker services - feeding, medical support, laundry and education - to the babies as their parents work.


The centre manager/nurse shall oversee all administrative tasks of the centre by planning, organizing, coordinating and providing leadership to ensure that the center's operations and activities are carried out and performed as required.

He/She shall:

  • Ensure staff discipline;
  • Carry out periodic staff appraisals;
  • Attend to the medical needs of the babies' under the center's care. This includes but is not limited to opening individual baby files, taking, maintaining and updating full medical history;
  • Act as the center's liaison officer and maintain proper relations with the communities, relevant government offices and other stakeholders;
  • Ensure that the center complies with with its legal requirements;
  • Organize and coordinate internal and external trainings for employees.


  • Be a registered Community Nurse;
  • Have a minimum of 5 years experience as a nurse;
  • Possess leadership training;
  • Have administrative experience;
  • Be 30 years or older;

If you are confident that this role is for you, promptly send us an email on [email protected] with your CV, latest payslip and certificates of your professional and academic qualifications and we will get back to you.

Applications shall be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

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